Friday, 08 June, 2001

Kylix Power Solutions

The book is out!  At least I've received my author's copies, which means that it should be in book stores soon.  We even created a little web site at  Since the book doesn't include a CD with the code listings, we figured it'd be a good idea to make them available on the web.  In the future, we'll include a sample chapter and an errata section.  We probably won't be able to include a discussion forum, as none of us has the time to moderate such a thing.

Kylix Power Solutions is targeted at Windows Delphi programmers who are moving to Linux, and also current Linux C/C++ programmers who want to take advantage of the Rapid Application Development features found in Kylix.  For Windows programmers, it answers the question "How do I do that in Linux?"  For Linux programmers, the question is "How do I do that in Pascal?"

Kylix Power Solutions is a bit different from other Kylix books in that it concentrates on the system level:  processes, file systems, pipes, signals, semaphores, shared objects, and other Linux features that are not encapsulated by the class library supplied with Kylix.  It should prove equally useful to desktop and server applications developers.