Thursday, 29 August, 2002

Conference Bike

It's not very practical, but it's kinda cool.  Check out the Conference Bike.  It's a tricycle with seats for 7 people, all of whom can pedal or not as they choose.  Before you get any ideas, it can't go very fast.  Their FAQ page says the fastest they've had it going was 35 km per hour (about 22 MPH) on a long downhill.  Under normal riding on a flat, expect about 10 KPH (6 MPH), or 15 KPH if you're really pushing it.  The bike is too heavy (almost 450 lbs) and the aerodynamic cross-section is way too big for it to be any kind of speed machine.  Nonetheless, it'd be great fun riding the thing around an amusement park, or cruising the boardwalk at some vacation spot.  If you have a large family and live in a quiet neighborhood, it'd be an interesting way to spend some "quality time" together.