Tuesday, 07 January, 2003

Eight Legged Freaks

Debra came back from the video store with Eight Legged Freaks, a modern day big bug movie in the same vein as Them and Tarantula.  It was predictably terrible, but then what do you expect from a movie starring David Arquette?

Included on the DVD, though, was the original short film, Larger Than Life, which writer/director Ellory Elkayem presented at the Telluride Film Festival and that eventually got him the contract for Eight Legged FreaksLarger Than Life is a wonderfully well done short film, shot in black and white,  featuring just four actors and a handful of creepy-crawlies.  It, too, is predictable, but it has a certain charm (and remarkable brevity) that makes it worth watching.  I wouldn't say that the short film is worth the DVD rental, but if you run across it in somebody's collection take the time to plug it in and watch Larger Than Life.