Wednesday, 30 June, 2004

Settling in

I always like to fly west.  We left Austin at noon today and arrived at John Wayne airport (Orange County) about 3:30.  By 5:00, we were kicking back on the porch overlooking the Pacific Ocean and sipping a cold Corona.  This should be a relaxing few days.

I've always liked the weather in southern California but I seriously dislike the traffic, smog, overpopulation, and weird politics.  It'd be different if I could afford to live in Laguna Beach where the population density isn't nearly as high as other parts of southern California and the sea breeze blows the smog inland.  I'd seriously consider moving out here if I didn't have to get up and fight the traffic every morning on the way to work.  There's still the weird politics to contend with, and I'd have to spend a little more time before deciding whether I like the people.  I've been spoiled by the casual friendliness that's part of central Texas culture and I don't know if I could give that up.  Most of the people I met "on the street" in Laguna weren't very friendly at all.  I realize that the 4th of July weekend is the height of tourist season and the locals are tired of all the transients clogging up the streets and the beaches.  Still, that's no reason to be surly and downright rude.