About the Authors
Kylix Power Solutions

Don Taylor

Don Taylor (Poulsbo, WA) has been a commercial software developer since 1979, and a best-selling computer book author since 1995.  He has used Delphi since its first release, and was the founder of the Turbo User Group, the official support group first recognized by Borland International for all its programming products.  Don and his wife, Carol, recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.  He plays guitar, and loves to play and sing 50's and 60's rock 'n' roll music, and is perhaps best known for creating the fictional character Ace Breakpoint, Non-Traditional Programmer.

Jim Mischel

Jim Mischel (Round Rock, TX) is a software developer and author who has been developing commercial software since 1982.  He has developed software for banks, service-oriented businesses, embedded systems, and computer games.  Jim has written widely on computer-related topics since 1989, and has authored or co-authored seven books on programming topics.  When he's not behind the keyboard, you can find Jim putting in the miles on his bicycle, or brewing up another batch of beer in the kitchen.

Tim Gentry

Tim Gentry (Bremerton, WA) has been a commercial developer since 1985.  He has developed software for a variety of industries, including cellular telephony, aerospace, finance, online commerce and negotiation, and computer gaming.  He currently works for Sierra Online, doing network programming for the SWAT team.  When he's not staring into a monitor, you'll likely find him on his motorcycle, either braving the Seattle commute, or taking one of his kids for a ride.