Code Listings
Kylix Power Solutions


The links at the left allow you to download the code listings from the book.  The code for each Chapter is contained in a separate ZIP file.  Within the ZIP file, there is a subdirectory containing the code for each individual Solution presented in the Chapter.

To extract the code after downloading, use the unzip program.  For example, if you download the code for Chapter 3 ( to a directory called KylixPower, you would then extract the code using these commands:

user@machine:~> cd KylixPower
user@machine:~/KylixPower> unzip

The KylixPower directory will then contain a directory called Chapter3, and within Chapter3 a directory called hello that contains the code presented in Chapter 3 of the book.

The file contains all of the code from all Chapters.  It will unzip into the full directory hierarchy.  This file does not contain the ipcobjs.pas file mentioned below.

The file ipcobjs.pas contains record definitions that correct the definitions supplied in Libc.pas.  This file also contains object-oriented wrappers for the System V IPC objects.