Tools and Utilities

I've been programming computers for over 20 years now--about 15 on IBM PC-compatible systems. Over the years I've written a whole bunch of programs that do lots of different things. Some are less useful these days than they used to be, but I still use some of the older ones from time to time.

At any rate, here's some stuff free for the taking. It's all free, source included. I make no guarantees and your mileage may vary.  Nonetheless, if you have questions or comments on anything here, please drop me a line.

Name Size Updated Description 49K 08 Oct 1997 Search binary files. Source included. 16-bit DOS and 32-bit console versions. 29K 04 Dec 2001 Mostly undocumented CAB compression source.  Companion to below.  Not thoroughly tested.  Your mileage may vary. 27K 05 Mar 2000 Source code for CAB decompression article originally published in Visual Developer Magazine.  Article is here. 40K 23 Sep 2001 Hex file dump and patch program.  16-bit DOS and 32-bit console versions.  Assembly language source included. 36K 08 Oct 1997 Counts lines in text files. Scans subdirectories. Source included. 32-bit console mode app. 31K 08 Oct 1997 Converts Microsoft Exchange address books to Eudora format 5K 12 Dec 1997 Source for Exchange-to-Eudora converter.
strings. zip 18K 09 Dec 1998 Scans binary files for printable strings.  Source included.  32-bit console mode app. 178K 02 Nov 2000 Program to split a large file into multiple smaller files.  32-bit Windows. 6K 02 Nov 2000 Delphi source for Splitter program. 77K 28 May 2003 Code listings from my book, Macro Magic with Turbo Assembler.

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