TriTryst Bugfix

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Crash bugfix

There have been many reports of TriTryst crashing when it gets to 1,000 points.  This crash is due to the way that TriTryst formats numbers.  When the score gets to 1,000, the program formats and then tries to display the number.  If the thousands separator character is anything other than a comma, then TriTryst crashes.  This causes the program to fail on most non-US Windows installations.

I have developed a patch program that fixes this issue.  All the program does is change two bytes of the TriTryst program code so that it will allow the period as well as the comma as a thousands separator.  It will also allow some other characters, but period and comma are  the most common and the only ones that I've tested.

You can download the patch here:, approximately 25 K bytes.

Installing the patch

Important:  Make a backup copy of your TRITRYST.EXE program before you proceed.

  1. Download the file and copy it to your TriTryst directory.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Run ttpatch.exe.  The program will tell you if it was able to patch TriTryst.

You can then delete ttpatch.exe, readme.txt, ttpatch.dpr, and

Other Information

The patch program is bigger than it has to be.  I wrote it in Delphi because it was quick and easy.  The program source code is included for those of you who are interested in seeing what it's doing.