TriTryst Hints and Cheats

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TriTryst Cheat Codes

TriTryst contains a handful of cheat codes that you can activate.  Using some of these might invalidate the high score feature.  That is, if you use a cheat and break the high score, TriTryst will not count the score.  To enter these cheat codes, you start a game and then just type the characters, as shown, without the quote marks.

Code   Function
"tritryst test"   Enables some debug counters (number of tiles removed, for example), and allows you to change the tiles that are on a game piece.  The F1, F2, and F3 keys will scroll the tiles on the game piece tiles.
"tritryst skip" Skips forward to the next level in a progressive game.
"tritryst back" Moves back one level in a progressive game.
"tritryst count" Turns on the same debug counters that "tritryst test" enables.
"tritryst color" This command used to do something, but I don't remember what it was.  I think its functionality has been removed from the program.

Progressive Game Start Level

When you start a progressive game, you are given the opportunity to select which level you want to start on.  The screen that allows you to choose the start level will only display the levels that you have already seen.  If you want to play levels that you haven't seen, start the Registry Editor and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cinematronics\TriTryst, and change the "HighestLevel" value to 100.

Hidden Levels

Progressive Mode

There are three hidden progressive levels.  If you've made it all the way through the 100 progressive levels, you were probably awarded with these three hidden levels.  You cannot, however, start on a level higher than 100.  If you want to play these levels, start a new progressive game starting at level 1, and then use the "tritryst back" cheat code to "back into" level 103.  You can then back up to level 102 or 101 as you choose.

You also can set the HighestLevel value as described above, start a progressive game starting at level 100, and then use the "tritryst skip" cheat to select one of these three hidden levels.

Classic Mode

There are five hidden levels available from the "Select classic game" screen.  The names of these levels are:


In order to play one of these games, you must first add its name to the list.  To add a name to the list, pick "Select Classic Game" from the Game menu, and then just type the name of the level that you want.  For example, if you want to play the "Clavis" level, enter "Clavis" (don't enter the quotes) when the Select Level screen is being displayed.  If you typed it correctly, the Clavis level will show up at the bottom of the levels list.  You can then double-click it to play the level.

Cinematronics and Virgin are "vanity" levels that have the initials of the key people involved in creating the game.  Those levels are not really playable.  The other three are entertaining.