Carving the Whittle Pup


I'll be the first to admit that I can't carve a realistic-looking eye. I'm so bad at it, in fact, that I don't even try. And since this is supposed to be a simple carving, I make the eyes as simple as possible: a triangular chip cut.

Extend the center line up over the face. On one side, draw a vertical line and a horizontal line that meets the vertical line at the top. Do the same for the other side, trying to get the lines the same length and the same distance from the center line.

Now, press the tip of your knife into the wood with the very tip at the corner of the eye and the edge along the vertical line. Remove the knive and do the same with the horizontal line at the top. Then, put the tip of your knife at the bottom of the vertical line and cut out a triangular chip from there up to the horizontal line.

Do the same with the other eye.