Carving the Whittle Pup

Finishing the head shape

The figure's head is still rather blocky. In truth, the final figure will have a somewhat blocky head, but what I currently have isn't quite right. The head is slightly too wide, and the separation between head and body needs to be gentled. The face, too, should slope more smoothly back from the snout. Right now there's a hard separation.

Start by cutting the hard edge off the bottom of the head, where the head is separated from the body. You want to angle the cut a little bit to give the appearance of rounding.

The head is slightly too wide for the body; at least it is on my figure. I elected to take a little bit off of each side, being sure to take it all the way up the ear blocks, too. Again, use thin slices so you don't take too much off. After you've made the head as wide as you think it should be, do the final rounding. You want to carve back from the snout, pulling away at a bit of an angle. The idea is to blend the snout with the face. You'll probably end up taking quite a bit of wood off the face as you blend in the snout.